2021 Webinar Series - 20 Tools for Successful Geothermal Installations

From Feasibility to Verification: Tools for Successful Geothermal Installations

In this session you will hear about a web-based software platform, called GeoFease to quickly model a building and associated ground loop. Then you’ll get an overview of a popular ground loop design software, GLD, used by many top designers for larger commercial buildings. A new product to monitor installed geothermal ground loops called GeoEnsure in larger commercial buildings, that sends performance data directly to cloud-based software powered predictive analytics platform. The session will also introduce a web-based tool developed for New York City called the NYC Geothermal Pre-Feasibility Tool to explore the feasibility of different types of ground heat exchangers on a block-by-block basis.


  • Ed Lohrenz / GEOptimize - GeoFease
  • Dan Bernstein / Gaia Geothermal – GLD & GeoEnsure
  • John Rhyner /CDM Smith - NYC Geothermal Pre-Feasibility Too







      1. For John R - What social cost of carbon does the NYC tool use?  Does it take into account the CLCPA 20 year term and requirement to account for methane leaks all along the supply chain.  Does the CO2e for gas correspond with what NYSERDA recently presented to the Climate Action Council of 182-235 lbs CO2e per MMBTU. The NYSERDA CO2e figures were labelled as draft.
        1. $178 2017 & $142 in 2021
        2. Might post the local laws somewhere else
      2. How does the monthly calculation differ from the hourly calculation? What changes to save time for running the calculations over 10 or 20 years? What are the differences in accuracy between these two options?
        1. Jon, very similar calculations. Months are much faster. Oftentimes the two provide very similar results. However, in certain circumstances they can be quite different. For example, if you have a design with a sustained peak load, say for 12 hours a day for a number of days, the hourly analysis will provide a more accurate and sensitive assessment since the monthly load data has no "awareness" of this sustained peak.
      3. Ultrasonic flow meter?  Can you interface with an existing flow meeting and temperature sensors?
        1. Ultrasonic flow meter. Correct. Interface is possible. Thanks for asking.
      4. How is your data stored and for how long a period (on site versus cloud)?
        1. Answer live. Regarding the question of data storage, data is stored on the cloud. It will be stored long term.
      5. How is the GeoFease program obtained, is it a purchase or a service, and it's it interacted with GLD that we already own
        1. Answered live. Subscription service. GeoFease.com tells you what the cost is based on the 80 locations you can select from
      6. Data Storage:  Do you use a separate Internet connection (not via the client firewall)?  Cellular modem?  Thanks!  Great presentations!