2021 Webinar Series - 22 New Developments in Air-to-Water Heat Pumps

New Developments in Air-to-Water Heat Pumps

These systems are not your brother’s mini-split heat pump. There are air-to-water heat pumps which offer radiant heating, up to 100% of domestic hot water heating, and/or forced air heating and cooling. Most have a monobloc design which eliminates the need for refrigerant lines between the outdoor and indoor units, resulting in greater ease of installation and service, as well as increased reliability. We are seeing traditional water-source and geothermal heat pump manufacturers begin to offer air-to-water products, expanding options for building electrification. Register here.


  • Justin Jobe / Enertech
  • Richard Gerbe / Highmark
  • Garen Ewbank / GreyEdge Group






  1. Justin, why are the COP's of the AV030 and AV060 different?
    1. The difference in COP is due to the larger unit being slightly less efficient because of AMP draw. All of the motors (compressor,pumps,etc..) are larger and draw more electricity. Thanks
  2. Does this air to water heat pump operate at a high enough temperature that you can do a drop-in replacement of a boiler without changing out the radiators?
    1. It depends on the radiators, our system does 140 deg F temps. Thanks
  3. For retrofitting a home with oil fired baseboard heating and ducted central air, would you recommend Air Source Heat Pump using either (a) retrofit with  "conventional" unit to retrofit existing ducts for BOTH heating and air conditioning; or (b) new air-to-water heat pump that uses existing baseboards for heat, existing ducts for AC?
    1. There are many variables, but yes this could be a great application for the Air to Water heat pump. Thanks
  4. Can you give us an update on the status of getting an AHRI rating category for air-to-water HPs?
    1. I know it's currently being worked on by AHRI and a few manufacturers including Enertech. Hopefully the rating system will be in place sometime in 2022. Thanks
  5. Justin - Is this heat pump eligible for NYS rebates?
    1. My territory is the Midwest and Pacific NW, so I'm not fully aware of the rebate programs in NY. I believe there are some options though. I'm sure the rebates will be better in the very near future.Thanks
  6. Did he mention output temperature?
    1. Enertech’s AV system does 140 deg F water temps. Thanks
  7. How does the cost of this air source geo compare to traditional heat pump?
    1. It depends on the project, but the installed cost of the AV system is comparable to a 19-20 SEER conventional system w/domestic hot water. Thanks
  8. What is the cost range for these systems compared to ASHP?
    1. The cost depends on the application, but is comparable to a 19-20 SEER system w/ domestic hot water. Thanks
  9. What is the maximum hot water supply temperature for the unit?
    1. 140 deg F. Thanks
  10. decibels ?  operating  range
    1. You can check out www.enertechusa.com. You can find the decibel chart in the AV Install Operation Manual.   Thanks
  11. What refrigerant type?
    1. 410A. Thanks
  12. What is the water temperature used for the AHRI ratings?  Is it 105F leaving as AHRI specifies?
    1. Answered live.
  13. What water temperature can it produce at – 13 F?
    1. 140 deg F. Thanks
  14. It is good for residential and light commercial HVAC Small size, but how about a large commercial like to convert a 2 million Btu/h boiler serving up to 180 F in a school building?
    1. Answered live.
  15. Can one use old style hydronic radiators? on hydronic replacement?
    1. not really, ASHP in order to be efficient need to supply lower water temps. ie traditional systems supplied 180, ASHP supply around 110-120. as such you need much bigger HXers or coils. utilizing fan assisted coils helps significantly
  16. Has there been any field verification of the COP above 2 in cold temperatures.  This claim conflicts with field results I have seen for ASHP.  If true, can you characterize what makes your systems able to meet these low temp COPs where others can'?
  17. Richard, do your COPs include the impact of defrost.  Does the AHRI 550 std include the impact of defrost?
    1. yes the COPs i chose are from a real HP we’ve sold into NYCt. but you bring up a great point, not all manufacturers include defrost in their ratings. there is a lot of confusion on this
  18. Justin what happens below -13?
    1. The unit will still operate but will lose capacity due to less heat being available in the outside air. Thanks
  19. The boiler system top temp is 140 degrees, so old style radiators use that, is that ok then for drop in?  and can they be used to cool the radiators with a small fan behind them?
    1. Yes, our unit provides 140 deg F. The cooling side would depend on one dew point. It requires dew-point controls and depends on geographical area - wouldn’t recommend it for the Northeast because of the dew point. Answered live as well. Thanks
  20. 1 inch copper pipes
    1. Answered live.
  21. This from Philly, home of Legionnaires Disease:  100 F is a great temp for an incubator. What about the danger of breeding microbes?
  22. 60 years of ASHP ratings history and we are just getting started?