2021 Webinar Series - 24 Marketing Heat Pumps

Marketing Heat Pumps: Clarifying the Message, Identifying Resources

This program will highlight some strong marketing efforts underway to promote building electrification with heat pumps. Details of the NYS Clean Heat Statewide Marketing Campaign will be presented which has several compelling elements involving broadcast media, co-operative advertising, the Heat Pump Planner, and more. Then we’ll hear about the NYSERDA supported Faraday Customer Targeting Tool Installers available to contractors across NYS to gain access to a map visualization tool, called the Explore tool. Lastly, there will be a review of the Westchester GeoPossibilities is a free online tool that allows Westchester County property owners to assess the feasibility of geothermal heating and cooling for any building or property in the County.


  • Matt Miller / NYSERDA


  • Cory Nicosia / NYSERDA • NYS Clean Heat Marketing Campaign 
  • Robbie Adler / Faraday • Heat Pump Targeting Tool
  • Tristan Schwartzman / Goldman Copeland • Westchester GeoPossibilities







            1. for cory - what does the darker blue in Western NY on slide 8 mean?
              1. The dark blue signifies that the geography is getting an additional layer of advertising. So in addition to the digitial channels listed at the top they are receiving Cable, Terrestrial Radio, Broadcast TV, and Out of Home.
            2. I get a lot of resistance due to the wall-mounted units.  I hope that not all of your marketing shows just those units.  Mitsubishi has great ceiling-mounted units, as I'm sure you're aware, and those seem much more palatable to people, especially for new builds.
              1. We are aware and understand. Photography is quite difficult to come by for heat pumps so we strive to include as many options as we can. Some photography shows ductwork/vents, we have not yet come across any ceiling mounted photos but I'll keep my eyes open!
            3. Is the NY state clean heat marketing and cooperative program ad program focused on air source or ground source heat pumps? The first out of home ad seems to show an air source heat pumps. How efficient will the ASHPs be in the winter or below freezing temperatures, and likewise how efficient will the ASHP be during the hotter days of summer? Are ASHP benefits being equated to GSHP or water source heat pumps?
              1. NYS Clean Heat and Coop are focused on both technologies. The out of home at while featuring a ductless head is not specific to ASHP.
            4. 5,500 searches doesn't seem like a lot based on the population of NY.  Do you feel that those numbers are good?
              1. Those numbers are good at this point in time. Right now we are working to grow awareness of heat pumps, as the campaign progresses over time our focus will start to shift further down the sales funnel.
            5. Does this coop advertising only apply to heat pumps or could it also include energy efficiency?
              1. Energy efficiency is included! Check out the program manual link to see all the various eligibility info.
            6. Are heat pump manufacturers currently able to keep up with demand?
              1. Beyond the universal supply chain issues right now I'm not seeing any major issues with heat pumps. But,  being the design side,  I'm not as in tune to it as a contractor would be. That said, I've heard there are serious issues finding well diggers for smaller scope geothermal projects.
            7. Why the focus on Facebook?  I know lots of people, including myself, that are not on facebook, so you're missing a lot of potential consumers.
              1. Why the focus on Facebook?  I know lots of people, including myself, that are not on facebook, so you're missing a lot of potential consumers
              2. Over the last few years, Faraday and NYSERDA received extensive feedback from NY installers seeking the ability to target potential customers on FB. Based on that feedback we rolled out support for that marketing channel. One benefit of Facebook is it is very affordable channel to test into vs. something like direct mail which has higher fixed costs. That being said, if your preference is to focus on offline channels like direct mail, the tool supports that as well. If you’re interested in marketing in another channel that I have not mentioned, please reach out and let us know.
              3. Cory- making a click to print tool that teams can use
            8. Cory - For the 5,500 searches, was there a sample size correlated with that, or is this number based on all marketing in NY?
              1. It's not based on all marketing in NY - just based on the marketing that brought a consumer to the cleanheat.ny.gov website and then those consumers clicked through to do a search. There is a considerable amount of other marketing happening across the State that drives consumers elsewhere
            9. Is NYERDA able to do any publicity on the Climate Action Council recommendations once they come out in January?  Public education on those recommendations will be crucial
            10. What about designers?  Especially for new builds, it is important to get to the designers, not just the contractors.  Often the designers insist on specific HVAC equipment, so by the time it gets to the HVAC contractor, the equipment has already been specified.  I know some architects that refuse to allow ASHPs, unfortunately.
              1. I don't think this question was directed at me, but I strongly agree. There is very little room for the contractor to make major scope changes on large commercial and residential projects,  so it's key to get designers involved. In my experience, they can be a group that's resistant to change.  I know NYSERDA is working with organizations like Ashrae and AEE to share out information and has a number of supporting programs, but always in favor of more.
            11. To Tristan - Thanks for taking this on.  There should be a strong emphasis on contacting contractors who can give a more accurate picture of the site's potential, both when your tool comes to a negative or positive rating.  Also, when estimating GHG savings does your tool use the CLCPA methodology for 20 year, full supply chain methane leaks?  If not, are you prepared to revise your calculations to take the CLCPA considerations into account ? and at what point would you do so?
              1. Good point on emphasis on contacting contractors - absolutely agreed that the key goal is to push potential end-users in the direction of implementation. Regarding the CLCPA methodology, this is another good point. Updating the calculations would be a straight forward process, and we have not yet incorporated this. We would follow the state and NYSERDA's guidance on determining greenhouse gas coefficients.
            12. Any direct mail using e-mail?
              1. Email is not available due to the federal CAN-SPAM law, which prohibits emailing people who have not opt-in to email communication with you.