Beach Green Dunes II

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Beach Green Dunes II by ZBF Geothermal, LLC

Beach Green Dunes II is the largest passive housing building in NYC with a geothermal heating and cooling system installed.   This 100% affordable building has 500 apartments, and was designed as an investment case study for financing high efficiency affordable housing buildings in NYC.   The recent ribbon cutting was attended by Mayor De Blasio, State Senator Sanders, and Council Member Donovan Richards.

The geothermal system consists of 36 boreholes to a depth of 450 feet each.   These boreholes provide heating and cooling to the 125,000 square foot building, including a cafe serving locally grown food, and 127 apartments - some with an ocean view! 

Beach Green Dunes II is a the first of many projects and as such needed to create precedents in NYC to be successful.  This is the first project to receive MTA approval to drill an uncased borehole within 200 feet of the structure.   At the time, no permits had been issued which would have required a fully cased borehole to be drilled with the casing advanced prior to the drill string.  That would have made the project cost prohibitive.   This approval has been obtained on two additional projects since, largely due to the success in the drilling phase.

ZBF Geothermal also worked with PSEGLI to create a rebate for the multi family units, a program that previously didn't exist.   As such, this building received a $113k rebate.

The best part is the ROI of the project - under 2 years.  Heating and cooling for this building is about $25,000 a year.  A 1/4 the cost of a conventionally heated and cooled building.

Expanding on this project with the client, L+M Development, construction has now started on 3 additional buildings totaling 500 apartments that will be heated, cooling, and have hot water provided by geothermal.

ZBF Geothermal will provide full information on this project, including photos during the construction and utility cost data.