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CABVI - Central Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired by Earth Sensitive Solutions, LLC

The design process began like most of our projects, with our ears. Rudy D’Amico, President & CEO of CABVI - Central Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired located in Utica, NY brought his Department heads into the conference room to simply articulate their hopes and expectations for their new proposed building.

The lead therapist was excited to have a swimming pool to be able to offer therapeutic swimming while the CFO expressed concern about the financial justification, the discussion evolved into questions as to “wouldn’t it be nice if we could open the pool up to the community for recreational swimming and also offer it for therapy, but alas, the temperatures are not the same”…..geothermal comes to the rescue.

With a little math we assured them we could cool their pool such that they could have four days of recreational swimming and three days of therapeutic swimming and possibly generate a little revenue while building some stronger bonds with their community.

Other discussions led to the importance of snow melting and clean sidewalks for their clients as well as a high degree of zoning and independent temperature control.

These discussions led to many opportunities to create a holistic synergistic highly efficient low carbon solution that has a geothermal backbone that serves the following loads:

  • Space Heating & Cooling via (3) 10 Ton Samsung Water Cooled VRF with (44) Fan Coils, (6) Mode Control Units (Heat Recovery).
  • Space Heating & Cooling via (3) GeoStar Variable Speed Water-to-Air Heat Pumps serving areas with a very large fluctuation in occupancy and associated cooling load.
  • Building Ventilation via (6) Renewaire Energy Recovery Ventilators
  • Snow melting of 1,750 sq ft via (2) 15 Ton GeoStar Water-to-Water Heat Pumps
  • Radiant Heating of a remote Maintenance Garage (3,350 sq ft) via (2) 5 Ton GeoStar Water-to-Water Heat Pumps
  • Heat & Cool a 32,316-gallon swimming pool with (3) 5 Ton GeoStar Water-to-Water Heat Pumps as well as radiant heat the deck around the pool
  • Dehumidify the Pool Room with a Seresco water cooled NE-007
  • Computer Room Cooling with a 4 Ton GeoStar Variable Speed Water-to-Air Heat Pump
  • All major circulating pumps are ECM pumps configured to optimize and minimize pumping energy
  • A Total of 107.8 Ton of installed equipment is being served by (24) vertical bores at a depth of 500 ft with 1-1/2” loops or 111 feet per Ton to serve 25,498 sq ft building while the occupants can comfortably and efficiently serve the blind and visually impaired members of our community.