z6NY-GEO 2018 Presentations

Thanks to all for helping make NY-GEO 2018 our most successful event yet!

We are starting to collect presentations and are making them available as they come in.

Jerry Acton
Beneficial Electrification
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Jay Egg link to slides
Large Systems Class
Geothermal 101


Steve Kavanaugh's Course
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Cary Smth
Community Geothermal

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John Manning
Top Job Presentation
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Top Job 2 page summary

Bob Wyman
Beneficial Electrification
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Bill Nowak
Year in Review

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Audio with pictures:

Day 1 Opening General Session - John Ciovacco, Bill Nowak, John Franceschina, Alicia Barton Keynote

Annual Dinner - National Perspectives, NY-GEO Year in Review, John Rhodes Keynote

Financing Panel

International and Interstate Panel


*Please note my slides are copyrighted by ASHRAE .  I am attempting to rectify this situation, but for now, recognize that printing out the slides for personal use is acceptable.  However, permission from ASHRAE is necessary when using them for other forms of publication. Thank you for attending the sessions.  I enjoyed presenting the material and welcome feedback for improvement or suggestions for additional topics.            Steve Kavanaugh