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Introduction to a Design Process for GHP Systems (1.5 PDH)

Design process used with conventional HVAC system is not appropriate for the design of a geothermal system. Intent is to understand differences & avoid issues that increase cost & ensure system will work efficiently over the long term.
Is it Feasible? (1 PDH)

When most home and building owners ask if it’s feasible to install a GCHP system in their project, what they’re really asking is: “If I invest in a GCHP system, will it save me enough money to give me a good return on my investment?”
District GHP Systems (1 PDH)

Distinguish between (in terms of feasibility of construction and actual construction logistics) a GHP system for a single building & a GHP system for a collection of buildings
•Ground heat
Thermal Energy Storage (1 PDH)

The amount of pipe in a GHX is partially determined by the instantaneous energy loads to or from the ground. If peak heating or cooling loads can be reduced and spread over longer time periods, the size of the GHX can be reduced. Hot or chilled water or ice storage are good examples of energy storage.
Making Ice to Keep You Warm (1 PDH)

Refrigeration plant in typical ice arena must dissipate 425,000 to 565,000 kBtu (125,000 to 165,000 kWh) of energy / month
Most current ice rinks use air cooled condenser. A GHX will serve as storage and a source of heat for various loads in the Ice Rink facility or even adjacent buildings.
Near Net-Zero Design Principles (1 PDH)

How is Net-Zero Energy defined: cost, emissions, site, source? Why is Geo-Exchange the best HVAC system choice for a Net-Zero building? Design concepts that fully integrate Geo-Exchange with Solar Thermal that approach Net Zero. Providing Near Net Zero with the HVAC system, makes using PV to get to Net Zero practical. Energy Demand Reduction Strategies and Management Systems.
What's Wrong With This Picture? (1 PDH)

How engineering details can destroy your credibility, turn your project into a disaster & how to avoid these potentially costly errors.