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NY-GEO LogoThe New York Geothermal Energy Organization is pleased to provide the most convenient & cost-effective essential geothermal training:

What: The IGSHPA Accredited Installer Credential is required to participate in the NYSERDA Rebate Program for geothermal heat pumps and is widely recognized as being an essential foundation to becoming proficient at designing and installing geothermal heat pump systems. The course will earn PDH credits that are required for maintaining the AI Credential.
Meet Your Q&A Webinar Host
John Manning
John D. Manning, PE
John has been working with heat pumps since 1975 and specifically with geothermal since 1982.  From installing to designing John has been involved in every aspect of the geothermal industry and is eager to hear and respond to your questions.
Register for the Course
Phoenix Energy Supply
When:  Discount Deadline is Monday February 26th, registration will close on March 18th.  Live Q&A Webinars will start on March 19th at 6:30 PM EDT and will continue weekly until April 16th. The course is being held in conjunction with NY-GEO-2018, the geothermal conference being held at the Wolf Road Radisson in Albany, NY April 18th & 19th, 2018. A review session and a NATE Proctored exam will be held at the conference - A $100 discount is available to those who want to attend the entire conference, otherwise there is no additional charge to attend just the review session and the exam.

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Eligibility: The IGSHPA Accredited Installer (AI) Course is open to everyone, however the NYSERDA sponsored $500 discount is only available to those living in or doing business in New York State.
Course Content: The course is organized into (12) Lessons approximately 90-120 minutes of videos organized per the following Lessons:
Lesson 1 - Introduction and Overview
Lesson 2 - Thermal Properties of Soil & Rock
Lesson 3 - Performance of GSHP Equipment
Lesson 4 - Selecting A GSHP for Heating and Cooling Loads
Lesson 5 - Piping Materials, Properties & Flow Characteristics
Lesson 6 - Design of Closed-Loop Ground Heat Exchanger
Lesson 7 - Grouting Procedures for GSHP Systems
Lesson 8 - Interior Closed-Loop Piping Design
Lesson 9 - Installing the Closed-Loop GHEX Piping System
Lesson 10 - System Flushing & Purging
Lesson 11 - GSHP Start-up, Performance Checking & Troubleshooting
Lesson 12 - Introduction to Heat Fusion
    Course Materials:
    • Residential and Light Commercial Design and Installation Manual
    • CLGS Installation Guide
    • Slinky™ Installation Guide
    • Current edition of the Design and Installation Standards
    • Soil and Rock Classification Field Manual
    • Grouting for Vertical Heat Pump Systems


    Before Feb 26th - NY State - $495

    After Feb 26th - NY State - $750

    Before Feb 26th - All others - $995

    After Feb 26th - All others - $1,250