IGSHPA AI Training at Your Own Pace


Take your time to learn the rich content of the IGSHPA Accredited Installer Course at your own pace, replay any of the 63 videos to better understand and prepare yourself for succeeding in this renewable heating career. Present your questions at (6) weekly live webinars.

New York State residents will pay $595 and contact your Clean Heating & Cooling Community Campaign or your local utility to see if additional discounts are available.

About the Course

Refined over many years, the IGSHPA Accredited Installer Course contains the essential information to understand the fundamentals in the design and installation of geothermal heat pump systems.. The following outline illustrates the breadth of content.

  • Lesson 1—Introduction & Overview
  • Lesson 2—Thermal Properties of Soil & Rock
  • Lesson 3—Performance of GSHP Equipment
  • Lesson 4—Selecting a GSHP for Heating & Cooling Loads
  • Lesson 5—Piping Material, Properties & Flow Characteristics
  • Lesson 6—Design of Closed-Loop Ground Heat Exchanger
  • Lesson 7—Grouting Procedures for GSHP Systems
  • Lesson 8—Interior Closed-Loop Piping Design
  • Lesson 9-Installing the Closed-Loop GHEX Piping System
  • Lesson 10—System Flushing & Purging
  • Lesson 11—GSHP Start-up, Performance Checking & Trouble Shooting
  • Lesson 12—Introduction to Heat Fusion
  • Manuals include the Design-Installation Guide, Design & Installation Standards, Soil & Rock Field Manual, Slinky Design & Installation Manual and Grouting Manual.

    Students will be expected to watch videos & read sections of the manuals at a pace of 3-4 hours per week and attend weekly live Webinars where they are expected to participate in Q&A and review sessions.

    OPTIONAL—NATE Certification can be obtained by taking and passing (80%) a NATE Proctored Exam to be held at the NY-GEO 2020 Conference on 3/25 or 26 (details TBD). Also as a optional session held at NY-GEO 2020 hands-on Socket & Butt Fusion Training will be conducted.