NY-GEO 2018 Scholarship Comments


Thanks to generous donations from PSEG Long Island, Versaprofiles and the Sierra Club Atlantic Chapter, we were able to offer help paying for admission to NY-GEO-2018.  Read what the scholarship recipients have to say below:

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As a student at Morrisville State College, progressing towards my Renewable Energy Bachelor of Technology degree, I would like to thank you for the scholarship opportunity that was provided, which enabled me to attend the NY-GEO 2018 conference. My recent successful completion of the IGSHPA Accredited Installer NATE certification coupled with the knowledge obtained at NY-GEO 2018 conference of Best Practices and the NYSERDA sustainability goals, will help my direction progress with geothermal. Thank you.


I just wanted to take a minute to thank all of you for granting me the scholarship to attend the NY-GEO conference! I was able to learn much more about geothermal and I was able to see what was happening in the industry, which is very important for a student like me. I am very happy I took advantage of this opportunity and I encourage any students interested in geothermal to take advantage as well. 

The conference was meant for everyone, meaning someone that is a professional in the industry and someone that has never seen geothermal before can get something out of it. I was able to attend the NYSERDA sessions which I learned about the incentives from the state and the newly reformed federal tax credit. Another great sector to the conference was the geothermal 101 taught by Jay Egg. It was such a pleasure to meet an individual like Mr. Egg, because he is such an expert in the industry. You could really feel the inspiration that he had for geothermal. Meeting him, inspires me to learn much more about this technology and understand it to his level.

Once again, thank you so much for the scholarship! 


I was able to attend Day 1 of this year’s conference due to a partial scholarship provided with your funding. As Ulster County considers clean heating and cooling technologies for HVAC upgrades to our building stock, we hope to use the insights gained at the conference to incorporate ground source heat pump technologies and best-practice applications into our list of feasible options.

As a Silver-certified community in the NY Department of Environmental Conservation’s Climate Smart Communities program, we see geothermal installation in government buildings (a Pledge Element 4 action item) as viable path towards our goal of future Gold certification status.

Also, the context gained at the conference will potentially inform Ulster County’s participation in the NYSERDA/NYPA Geothermal Clean Energy Challenge as we (hopefully) proceed beyond Stage 1 for the four County properties we have submitted.

Thank you very much for the scholarship opportunity.


I am immensely grateful for the opportunity I enjoyed to attend the NY-GEO conference on April 18 and 19th, 2018.  Without the support of our sponsors, I would not have been able to attend.  I made some very important contacts at the meeting and I learned much more about geothermal.  Some of the exhibits were amazing.  It was all due to the opportunity your organizations offered.


Thank you so much for your participation in the NY-Geo Conference, and providing the funds for a scholarship, that I enjoyed.

I enjoyed the networking, demonstrations, dinner and lunches. I learned so much about geothermal, and hopefully it is an industry that will expand. I hope to do some consulting work with geothermal projects that are related to my field. I am a BPI analyst, and BPI envelope and solar person.

 I think all three incorporated will help us reduce our carbon footprint. 

 I was very impressed with the level of information. I truly wish for the industry sake that the Governor had made a surprise visit to our conference for Earth Day. That would have put geo on the map. Maybe next year you can invite the governor. Good progress this year with the tax credit restored on the federal level. Hopefully it will impact business.  Once again, thank you so much with my scholarship.


Thank you so very much for sponsoring the NY GEO conference scholarships. As someone who is new to the geothermal world, the conference was incredibly informative and eye opening.

 I appreciate your generosity, and am happy for the chance to say thank you.


 Dear NY-GEO scholarship benefactors,

This year I was granted a scholarship to the NY-GEO conference. As a young person who is interested in a career in renewable energy resources, this conference exposed me to leading technology in heating and cooling. I now understand the fundamentals of geothermal technology and some of the challenges of bringing geo-thermal to scale.

The endeavor of beneficial electrification is the challenge of this generation and we have strides yet to make. It was encouraging to see Sweden and Norway represented at the conference to discuss their journey in this direction as well.

I am excited to be a part of this industry and I feel prepared -now more than ever -  after being armed with knowledge of geothermal systems for renewable heating and cooling.

Thank you for enabling me to be a part of the conversation and to learn from the experts at NY-GEO 2018. I hope to see you next year !