NY-GEO 2019 Presentations

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NY-GEO 2019 Conference Schedule

Day 1 • Wednesday • April 10, 2019


Day 1 • Contractor Track       Location: Main Hall

Contractor Incentives to Build Your Heat Pump Business: Rebates, Marketing Support & Workforce Development Opportunities

Clean Heating & Cooling Community Campaigns: Partnering with Local Contractors

Starting Up a Heat Pump is More Than Flipping the Circuit Breaker Presenter:  John Manning / Phoenix Energy Supply

The Connected Heat Pump: A New Cornerstone of Your Business


Day 1 • Design Track    Location: Session Room 2

The Old, the New & Everything In-between: Presenter: Ed Lohrenz / GEOptimize Inc.

Part 2 Approach to Geothermal Conversion of Existing Buildings  Presenter: Ed Lohrenz / GEOptimize Inc.

Part 3 Putting It All Together  Presenter: Ed Lohrenz / GEOptimize Inc.

Evolution of Geothermal Through Campus Conversions  Presenter: Brian Urlaub / MEP Associates

How to Convert a Skyscraper to Geothermal  Presenter: Jay Egg / Egg Geothermal


Day 1 • Focus Track        Location: Session Room 1

Geothermal 101: Ground Source Heat Pumps for Beginners  Presenter: Jay Egg / Egg Geothermal

 GeoStar Top Job Presentations

NYSERDA Next Generation HVAC Program Highlights

Update on New York State Air Source & Ground Heat Pump Demonstrations

Update: Geothermal's Role in Environmentally Beneficial Electrification (Acton)


Day 1 • Annual Dinner     6:30–9:00 PM       Location: Main Hall

NY-GEO Year in Review     Bill Nowak / Executive Director, NY-GEO


Day 2 • Thursday • April 11, 2019


Day 2 • Contractor Track               Location: Main Hall

Ground Source Mini Splits & VRF: Ductless Solutions


Day 2 • Sustainability Track       Location: Session Room 2

The Benefits of Geothermal Heat Pumps to Regional Electric Grid

Heat Pumps for Low- to Moderate-Income New Yorkers


Day 2 • Focus Track           Location: Session Room 1

Geothermal 101: Ground Source Heat Pumps for Beginners  Presenter: Jay Egg / Egg Geothermal

Innovative Thermal Exchange: Building Foundations, Angled Drilling, Waste Water & Aquafer Energy Storage


 Day 2 • Top Job / Conference Closing     Location: Main Hall

GeoStar 2019 Top Job Awards Ceremony / Conference Closing: Master of Ceremonies: John Manning / Phoenix Energy Supply  

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