NY-GEO 2019 Scholarship Comments


Thanks to generous donations from PSEG Long Island, Orange and Rockland Utilities and the Sierra Club Atlantic Chapter, we were able to offer help paying for admission to NY-GEO-2019.  Read what the scholarship recipients have to say below:

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Thank you so much for sponsoring a scholarship for me, so that I could attend this very important NY-GEO conference.in Schenectady, NY in April 2019. 

I learned a lot about the industry, and made a lot of contacts, that hopefully, will lead to employment, so I too can give back a scholarship to others who want to attend and cannot financially.

 It is important the word gets out about the use of this Geo- thermal technology, so that we can really reduce our carbon foot print,  before life on earth becomes impossible.

 I will be writing to my representatives about this conference and really get the word out.

 Thanks again for your generosity.


I would like to thank every single one of the donors that made it possible for me to attend the NY-GEO 2019 conference. Also all those who contributed to the realization of the conference: thank you for all your excellent work.

As a green building student I value so much your great scientific input and interesting presentations. Thank you for creating the perfect atmosphere for discussion and networking. I look forward to increment my knowledge and practical skills within the geothermal industry.


I had the opportunity to attend the 2019 Geothermal Conference as a result of a scholarship and the sessions that I attended were very insightful.  Coming from New York City, we are routinely told that Geothermal is simply too expensive to install. 

The primary parties taking this position are often gas utilities and oil companies. To hear them talk, there is no way we will reach sustainable alternatives in decades.  Then I attend your geothermal conference and all of a sudden a sustainable future seems attainable and almost within grasp.  Your conferences are enlightening and encouraging. 

I also made a great contact with a representative from Con Edison.  It appears that Con Edison funded 4 electric school buses for the City of White Plains including the infrastructure.  In the summer, when they are not in use, the buses help provide reliability to the grid.  The Council has a bill that seeks to transition to electric school buses so it way very gratifying to see that Con Edison is already working on this solution and can, perhaps, partner with us.  We have 9,000 school buses so that would provide a lot of reliability.

Finally, the session on making geothermal available to low and middle income New Yorkers was eye-opening.  While we may not be doing zero carbon rehabs now, that can be part of our future.  One zero carbon rehabbed house was being offered for sale for $84,000 upstate.   Maybe New York City can be greener and cleaner.  Your sponsorship was important.  I thank you for your help.


The event at the NY-Geo 2019 was a tremendous success in transformation of information for geothermal interest and advancement for N Americans and other parts of the world.

It would have been less of a success if the scholarship contributions weren't donated.

Our company is from Ontario and the discounted ticket encouraged us to bring more young people to the event. I am glad we did.

Thank you to the contributors for their generosity.                                                                                                                           ***********************************************

I was grateful to attend the NY-GEO conference this April, and wanted to thank the sponsors that made it possible for me to go. As a new renewable heat advocate working for New Yorkers for Clean Power, it was important for me to attend the conference and learn about geothermal technology, today's challenges within New York State and the local campaigns also promoting heat pumps. I am already using what I learned at NY-GEO in my promotion of geothermal through New Yorkers for Clean Power and the regional HeatSmart campaigns NYCP supports. I am excited to help the geothermal industry grow and to see what NY-GEO 2020 has to offer!


I’d like to thank the NYGEO 2019 Conference Sponsors for supporting a fantastic conference for geothermal energy tech. 

It’s also much appreciated the Support the Scholarship Sponsors showed in helping to bring a sister organization's representatives to the conference.

The mutual support between NY-GEO and the Ontario Geothermal Energy Organization is showing dividends for our industry and all who care about clean renewable energy and a livable climate.


 I would like to pass on my thanks to the Scholarship Sponsors for their support of the NY-Geo Conference this April. 

In addition to allowing a number of students to attend, which is so important for our industry, the registration fee reduction it permitted for those of us from the Ontario Geothermal Association who attended was much appreciated.  I strongly believe that the collaboration between the OGA and NY-GEO is providing mutual benefits in our shared industry. 

Looking forward to this continued relationship and next year’s Conference!

It was wonderful to be able to participate in this year's NY-Geo conference. Thank you for funding my scholarship! Working for a small non-profit campaign (New Yorkers for Clean Power), I really appreciated the opportunity to attend and participate in the fantastic panels, workshops and networking opportunities. This was my third year at NY-Geo and each conference has truly enhanced my knowledge of geothermal technology and policy, making my advocacy more effective. 

 As the convener of the Renewable Heat Now campaign and part of the outreach team for HeatSmart Ulster-Sullivan, it's vital that I continue to grow my expertise in this ever changing field. In particular this year, I had a breakthrough about the amount of money that is currently spent to subsidize gas expansion that could be going towards heat pump installations. I also learned a lot from the other HeatSmart campaign representatives. I look forward to continuing to build support for accelerating geothermal adoption. 


As the Director of Clean Energy Programs at a small non profit organization that is one of 15 Clean Heating & Cooling Communities, our small budget frequently limits our ability to be in the places where the knowledge leaders and decision makers in the industry are, such as NY Geo. 

Thanks to your support, we were able to participate in this year's conference, and the connections and information there have been critical to improving and expanding our work in the Southern Tier. 


To the sponsors of the NY-GEO conference scholarships:

Thank you so much for providing the scholarship to the NY-GEO Conference. As a small non-profit, we would not have been able to afford a full-cost ticket. The scholarship fund enabled me to attend. The conference was a wonderful experience to learn about the latest technologies and policies that are supporting the adoption of geothermal heat pumps in New York. As the lead of an organization that helps members of the public understand this technology and New York’s policy landscape, it was very helpful for me to learn the most recent information from such a great range of businesses and organizations in attendance at the conference.


to John.Franceschina@pseg.com, Jonathan.Tham@PSEG.COM, spideyives@yahoo.com, caitlin.ferrante@sierraclub.org, Roger.Downs@sierraclub.org, duben@oru.com, ciglianoc@oru.com, nygeoinfo@gmail.com

I want to thank the scholarship sponsors for this year’s NY-Geo conference, PSEG Long Island, The Sierra Club Atlantic Chapter and Orange and Rockland Utilities.  Without your support our organization would not have been able to send a representative to the conference.

As NY State moves to meet its goal of a 40% green house gas emissions reduction by 2030, it is estimated that more than 100,000 homes will have to convert to heat pumps.  Geothermal heat pumps are the most efficient and durable of those options available today.  To avoid pollution ghettos developing in low income regions, attention must be paid now to ensure these technologies are available to residents from a broad economic spectrum.  To date, because of a mix of cost and incentive structures, geothermal heating and cooling technology has been reserved for those of higher economic means.   It is with this in mind that I believe it is vital that the low and moderate-income community and agencies working on behalf of that community have a presence at conferences like NY-GEO.  This year’s conference had several sessions that sought to address that concern and I thank you for the opportunity to participate in these discussions, and I look forward to continuing it in the future.


On behalf of the Ontario Geothermal Association and our members, I wish to express

My congratulations on your superb 2019 conference, which was a great opportunity for industry professionals from both of our organizations to network and explore business and other collaboration possibilities. Working together with a shared sense of purpose and exploring connections and best practices are critical at a time when geothermal is on the cusp of significant expansion in North America.

Similarly, thank you for helping to organize the attendance at our conference of some of your people. Please pass along our thanks to NY Geo Board Member Zachary Fink, who made a good presentation to our members and helped us understand industry/government relationship building.

Thanks are also due to your conference sponsors for helping enable the trek to New York for some of our people, by extending a special registration discount. Let us always be reminded of the important role played by sponsors and let’s keep finding ways to create value for them.

I look forward to future events together, and our other planned collaborations.