The Art of Geo

Donate to NY-GEO Geothermal heating and cooling is more than a technology, it is a form of art, filled with nuances and subtleties that result in experienced artisans and designers creating extremely efficient systems, however without sufficient experience the results can be disastrous.  As such, confusion can easily be created, and explains why the technology has not been fully accepted and adopted by all.  Our goal at NY-GEO is to de-mystify the concept, provide a source of information that allows you, whether you are a consumer, architect, engineer or policy maker, to fully appreciate and understand the many benefits of the "technology".

Additionally, it must be understood that a successful design and installation is not just about a particular brand of heat pump, or a particular loop field design, or which antifreeze is used, the success can only be achieved by the overall system cost, performance and reliability. There are indeed many choices in the ways and means to arrive at a successful solution; we are here to assist you and your design professional to evaluate your options.
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