The Noble House

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Located in beautiful Fayetteville New York this 2,100 sq. ft. multi-family home was built in the early 1800’s and sits right in the heart of the village.  Historically deemed as the Noble House, it was home of the prominent abolitionist and publisher of Uncle Tom's Cabin, Linnaeus P. Noble.  While the focus of this job was certainly the geothermal system, Halco and the customer himself did a tremendous amount of work prior to installation.  We fully believe in the concept of “Reduce Before You Produce,” so the home was tightened as an initial step. The entire basement was dug out and lowered with a new slab poured and a drainage system, vapor barrier, insulation and a high efficiency dehumidifier installed. We also spray foamed the slopes and gables in both attic spaces above the home and adjoining apartment, so the geo air handlers would be inside the thermal barrier. Once the prep work was completed, the focus was turned towards the geothermal system. We installed a 12-ton system drilled (3) bores to a depth of 420 ft with 1.5” loops tied into 4 separate heat pumps. Drilling was done in a tight space in the stone driveway and we trenched approximately 20 ft to the home.  A 2-ton GeoStar Aston split unit was installed to heat the top floor with the air handler in the attic and the heat pump in the basement.  There was an old register in the wall of a second-floor bedroom that runs from the basement to the attic that we used as a chase since this is a historical home and we couldn’t run anything on the outside of the house.  The GeoStar communicating thermostat with Aurora Symphony Weblink energy monitoring and humidity control was installed.  The second heat pump is a 5-ton Aston dual stage unit installed in the basement to heat the main floor.  We installed new ductwork using existing registers.  This unit was also tied to a GeoStar communicating thermostat with monitoring.  The third unit is a 3-ton Aston split unit, with the air handler installed in the attic of the attached apartment and the heat pump in the basement of the home.  We installed new ductwork using existing registers.  There is a shared crawl space in the basement where we were able to feed the lines to the heat pump.  Again, this was installed with a GeoStar communicating thermostat.  Lastly, we installed a 2-ton GeoStar Aston water to water heat pump for Domestic Hot Water.  This was tied to a State EN6 50-gallon water heater. Prior to install, William Sunderlin, the homeowner was a natural gas customer.  As a climate scientist, he knew he wanted to install a geothermal Renewable Energy System.  He had been considering it for the last 20 years and is keenly aware of the importance of getting off fossil fuels.  After this experience, William has joined the steering committee for HeatSmart CNY, a program with an objective to increase the number of Renewable Heating Systems in the community!  William’s home is also a Pearl Certified Platinum home.

Mechanical Room
Remote Monitoring on a Very Cold Day Located in Village of Fayetteville, NY