Career Opportunities for You !

Looking for on-line training?   You have Excellent Choices, with the potential for deeply reduced prices, thanks to NYSERDA Funding.   Use this time to build your skills !!! 

IGSHPA Certified GeoExchange Design (CGD) course – The program manual for the NY Utilities’ Clean Heating Heat pump rebate program currently requires geothermal system designers for installations larger than 25 tons to have an active CGD certificate or to be a licensed Architect or Engineer. 

    Ongoing– Manual J Training - HVAC Contractors must submit ACCA Manual J load calculations to determine accurate heat loss and gain for a house before receiving incentive rebates.  Learn how to efficiently complete the spreadsheet.  This is a new interactive google duo 6 hour on-line course initially limited to three contractors at a time.  Contact for registration information.  50% rebate for NY workers reduces tuition from $595 to $297.50.


    2 CGD Training Opportunities: 

    Instructor Ed Lohrenz is offering the IGSHPA CGD course on-line on the dates below.   Learn how projects can become more feasible to build, more efficient to operate. Recorded sessions to watch at your convenience.  For full information and to register, click here: 

    • May 26 - Jun 26, 2020: Tues & Thurs for 5 weeks - approximately 75-90 minutes - lunchtime
    • Sep 28 - Nov 30, 2020: Mon evenings for 10 weeks - approximately 75-90 minutes - evenings

    Training team of Garen Ewbank, Roshan Revankar, and Cary Smith, with two instructors guiding each session.   Updated training material as revised by IGSHPA teams in 2019 and 2020.  Test prep and review is included.  20 PDH hours of contact time.  All trainers have extensive US and international design and project experience. Cost: $2,250.  Sign- up online here or give us a call at 801-244-8800 or 405-826-8156

    • August 3, 5, and  7, 2020.  12:00pm EDT to 4:00pm  AND August 10 and 12 12:00pm EDT to 4:00pm  Make-up session – August 14 or TBD. 

    For other training related webinars and job opportunities, see Events and Career Opportunities on our Coming Up ! page