NY-GEO Labor Union Membership

$ 2,500.00

Labor Union Membership recognizes the interest that NY-GEO has in a just transition for current fossil fuel workers, as well as the interest labor unions have in a flourishing clean energy economy where massive numbers of jobs are created in transitioning buildings to clean, efficient geothermal heating and cooling systems.   Includes a 10% discount for members of the participating union at NY-GEO conferences.

For Labor Union Memberships, to minimize processing costs, we prefer a check made out to NY-GEO, sent to NY-GEO, c/o Bill Nowak, Executive Director NY-GEO, 50 Inwood Place, Buffalo, NY 14209.   If using the check option there is no need to fill in the cart checkout information.

Please note - NY-GEO memberships are calendar-year memberships and they come due every January.



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